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Trace Elliot head question


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Does anybody have or know where I can find info on the Trace Elliot AS600 head?


My local Sam Ash has a used one sitting there getting no attention amongst the jungle of Hartke stuff and it breaks my heart. :cry: It's paired with a TE 115 cab. I don't know the model on it off the top of my head and I can't remember if it had a horn in it or not. The head is in a rack with a black light on a 1U under it lighting the green up nicely. :D


Any input is good input.

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Thanks guys.


I think it was the AH600. I forgot the specifics on it so I called and got it over the phone...I thought he said "AS" but I can see where I might have heard wrong. That's probably why I couldn't find any info on it.

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