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Damn, Bass was stolen

Bill Roberts

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Ok...I know it is not funny, but I left it in my car, tonight, it is gone. no broken windows. They must have had a wireless key code. CD's are all there.


Anyone got a cheap axe for sale??


This was a rosewood neck squire p bass special, purple, tuned nice..costed 200 or about.


Anyone have a hundred dollar axe they will sell, I got a gig this weekend and dont want to rent.


Atl. to New Orleans area.


Just a stringed up laying around axe is fine. 4 string. Even if the PU's and wiring is screwed, I got a toolkit.

Bill Roberts Precision Mastering

-----------Since 1975-----------

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Sounds like the BLA strikes again. A nefarious bunch, they seek the liberation of their four stringed brethren by any means neccesary.


It's been widely reported......









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Crap! That sucks!!! :evil:


I've witnessed friends get stuff stolen before, dude. It definately sucks.


In the future, though, I can recommend two things that will help you avoid misfortunes like this:


1) Never leave gear in your car in plain sight...even if it's in a case. If you must put leave it in your car, put it in the trunk (if your trunk has no windows or open spaces).


2) Get your gear insured! www.musicproinsurance.com. I insure all my gear for $100 a year and it's well worth it.

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I had my Bass stolen and recovered it off of EBay. Learned a lot.


And when I read your story last night, I went out and unloaded the gear from my trunk.


But good luck with the insurance. If you've filed a claim with an insurance company (I filed my stolen bass and amp with my homeowner's) the music insurance will deny you.


I'd consider getting a rider on the homeowner policy...which is probably a better deal anyway.


And if you are not a homeowner, get a renter's policy so you can cover your television as well!

Yep. I'm the other voice in the head of davebrownbass.
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Sorry to hear about this Bill. Good luck getting a temp (and permanent) replacement. Time to consider having a backup, or finding a bass friend nearby. Anything can happen. Insurance is also a good idea (though it takes some time for a claim).


SteveC - your insurance will cost a bit more. Not that the equipment is more valuable or the area more dangerous. It's the constant administration. ;)shot>




Acoustic Color


Be practical as well as generous in your ideals. Keep your eyes on the stars and keep your feet on the ground. - Theodore Roosevelt

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Yes, the axe is still gone.


But..the good news is that a buddy of mine has 2 basses he don't use at all and plans to give me a very extended loan. You can't beat great friends. You know..I really was not playing much and the moment I discovered it gone (cops called et al) I wanted to play to get my frustration settled. I hope to get the basses sometime today...what are friends for?? Good ones are for life.


Thank you folks for your concerns. Don't leave your axe in the car.


Glad tidings!

Bill Roberts Precision Mastering

-----------Since 1975-----------

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Good to hear you got a loaner :)


Good mention of insureance. The other day I just realized what I had and what I recently aquired. Today I added renters insureance (I dont own) and it only added $14/mo to my insureance bill.


Nice piece of mind that all my stuff is now insured.

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