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Calling any Nemesis and Kustom amp owners, UPDATE

owens hound

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Hello Fellow Lowdowners,

This is my first post and any thoughts would be appreciated. I have been reading the forum for quite a while and recently registered myself.

I have looked through-out the forum and am asking for opinions about a trade that I am able to do.

I am looking for a combo amp and really like the Nemesis 115. I saw that a few members have Nemesis so any input would be appreciated. I have a Yorkville 700 watt powered sub and I bought while with a gigging band, but I left the band and still have the sub. I am currently not using it, and not sure if I will in the future. With the band, I played through my Bass Pod directly into the PA and have never had a bass amp. A local music store said that they would allow me to trade the sub in for either a Nemesis 115, and also pay $200.00 Canadian cash or a straight up trade for a Kustom 115. I paid about $900.00 for the sub about 2 years ago and haven't used it for about 6 months. The dealer is saying that the Nemesis lists for $699.00 Canadian and the Kustom for $499.00 Canadian so I'd be getting $500.00 Canadian for the sub. As I have done some reading, I know that the Nemesis is a good amp, being Eden and all but I don't know anything about the Kustom except the amp is MOSFAT powered (I'm not sure if this is the right word). It has effects but I don't really need them having the Bass Pod for any that I would need. I'll be doing smaller gigs, hopefully soon if the 3 projects I'm workin on get going, and will need an amp for that rather then going through a PA. I'll also be jamming, hopefully a lot, and a combo would serve me well. I can always get another sub down the road.

If anyone has any experience with Kustom also please let me know.

Any opinions or suggestions are welcome.

Thanks very much,


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How much did you pay for the Yorkville? A $500 trade-in credit sounds pretty good to me, but I don't know what those go for new.


I've never tried any Yorkville stuff, but I own a Nemesis 210 combo and I absolutely love it. It's easily one of the best gear purchases I've ever made.

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Thanks for the input about the Nemesis and the trade. A sound guy I know turned me on to them and I am impressed for sure. I paid about $900.00 2 years ago for the Yorkville powered sub and have gigged regularly with it for about 1 and a half years (1-3 gigs per month). It was a nice compliment to the PA giving the drummer and I much bigger bottom end.
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So, you'd get a bit more than half of what you paid. That seems about standard to me on a retail trade-in.


I think you'd be really happy with a Nemesis. I like my 210 combo so much, that I now want to sell my big rig (GK 400 RB/Ampeg SVT-410HLF) and get one of their 410 combos for higher volume shows.


I've never tried any of the newer Kustom models. They could be really good for all I know, but I haven't really heard anything about them positive or negative.


Best thing to do I suppose is take your bass with you to the store and try them both. I'm assuming the wattage is about the same for each model, so the decision is really a matter of which tone you prefer.


It's true that you could save $200 on the Kustom, which is not an inconsiderable amount of cash. However, you want something you're really going to be happy with or that savings now could easily become a loss down the road if you decide to sell it later.


My advice is to trust your ear and go with the tone alone. You'll be happiest that way.


Good luck!

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Thanks for the input. I was planning on trying both amps out with my bass before I decided on which one. I'll hopefully get a chance to go the the store on Saturday and I'll post which one (if either) I buy. I figured, like a used car, I'd get a better price selling it privately, I was wondering if the trade in sounded fair.

Wattage for both amps are close. I read a couple of reviews for Kustom and they did ok, but the reviews for the Nemesis were much better.

I think the exchange of Canadian to Us dollars works out about right, I don't think that the price went up.

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I went in to the music shop with my Yorkville sub to trade in and brought my Godin BG4 to try out the amps. I was very impressed with the tone and sound of the Eden Nemesis Silver Series N15S, here is a link if you are interested, http://www.eden-electronics.com/products/silverseries/index.asp

Side by side (the Nemesis and the Kustom 115), there was no contest that the Eden was the better amp, soundwise for sure. I took it home and have been enjoying it since Friday night.

Thanks for the input from fellow Lowdowners. I'm really happy with my purchase.

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Another UPDATE:

Thanks for the reply's, I did some more digging and have discovered that this is not the amp I thought I was getting. I've done more reading on the Eden site and found out that this amp is actually designed as a back stage and practice amp. I had wanted to get the NC115, not the N15S. I spoke to the music store I bought it at and they were also under the impression, so they said, that this Silver Series was the new model of Nemesis. When I informed them of my concerns and which amp I had really intended to get, the guy offered to order the amp I wanted and still give me a good deal on it. It will be here next week and I can use the N15S Silver Series until it arrives. I'm glad that he was very accommodating about ordering the new amp and returning this one.

As for this N15S, it does sound sweet. Very full sound and great tone for playing to music on cd's and computer. I spent most of the afternoon playing to beats on Acid Pro and really enjoying the sound. This amp, at 125 watts is just too under powered for what I want to use it for. It will be used for small gigs and can go into the PA for any bigger gigs in the future.

I'll post a review of the NC115 when it arrives.

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I was also pleasently suprised that he was so quick to make things right. I live in a smaller city and there are 3 music stores so I guess he wants to keep his in good standing. This is my first purchase from his store and now that he has been so quick, and without hassle, to rectify the situation, I think I will shop there again in the future. GAS will overtake me again in the near future I'm sure!!
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Got a chance to try out the Nemesis NC115 today. Nice little combo! I've been thinking for a little while that it might be a good idea to line up a replacement for my Trace Elliot combo. It's seen a fair ammount of wear and tear, and it could probably stand to be retired from gigging.


So I tried out this Nemesis combo this afternoon. I've gotta say I liked it a lot! The price was $600, although I may shop around to see what they sell for.


Oh, and I got to try out a Fender Jaguar in the process. Very cool! I've gotta say, Fender's Japanese basses rarely disappoint. It was also very red.

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I've never played the NC115, but I have played the NC212 and own an NC210. The NC210 is very nice...lots of volume, deep tone without breaking up, but it's still reasonably lightweight and reasonably small. I get disappointed every time I play it next to my SWR SM-900 and Berg HT-322 (who wouldn't I guess?), but every time I compare it to any other combo I've ever owned or just played, I realize it's unquestionably one of the better combo's in that size and weight.



Old bass players never die, they just buy lighter rigs.

- Tom Capasso, 11/9/2006


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