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a sad, sad day.

The Fonz

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Damn! I was hoping to make down to there some day. I guess that idea's now toast :cry: .


Hey Fonz. Slightly OT but how did you ever make out with that Behringer cab that you had trouble with? Someone here was wondering a little while ago.




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The developers are building condos all over town and the prices are skyrocketing daily...


but if there are no places to go and be entertained (aside from the gazillion resturants)..


whats the point of living here??



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Oh crap. The closing of a rat infested, ramshackle Bowery bar is probably not final sign that the apocalypse is upon us, regardless of who played there back in the day.

If punk can't survice the closing of CBGB's, it doesn't deserve to.

Always remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else.





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I went there once and thought it was a dump, although the band I went to see was good. (Never saw any rats... maybe they were all on vacation!)


Still, I hated to see it close although it was never my scene, but there was a lot of HISTORY there! I never liked punk rock, but they're still fellow musicians and they put their heart into what they were doing.


The NY club I really hated to see close was the Bottom Line, where for only $15 you could see great acts in a place with great acoustics and a great sound system. Although alcohol was served, people went there for the music, not to get drunk. I got to see Chet Atkins there, Allan Holdsworth, Eric Johnson, the Desert Rose Band, and I forget who else. I should have gone more, but like they say, "you don't miss your water till your well runs dry."


Re: the apocalypse? Nah, people will always want to play and hear music, and will find a way to do so!

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