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OT: Ode to the "Quick Reply"


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Well, it's been mentioned here and there, but I think that our new friend deserves a thread in his honor.


Whoever thought of this feature (I tried to google it with failure) is a genius. And whoever decided we needed it (YES, needed it), is also a brainiac.


Posts, while in general pretty meaningless, for me have increased tri-fold at the least. Not to mention, it's faster.


So everyone gather around me as I said "Quick reply, thank you"


P.S. I think we need a poem dedicated to this. Any Bohemians listening?

In Skynyrd We Trust
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quick reply

my responses are so quick...they are like a blur to my eye

Oh...i do like that guy....superfly

Ah yes....quick reply

almost better than spy vs spy

But nothing beats you...quick reply


On days when the connection is slow

My laptop does not want to go

I look to you....quick reply

apple of my eye....quick reply


jason atkins

copyright 2005 atkinsmusiccorp


Soli Deo Gloria


"it's the beauty of a community. it takes a village to raise a[n] [LLroomtempJ]." -robb


My YouTube Channel

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an ode to quick reply.



i can't believe what i just read.

what is going on inside his head.

a quick responce to tell what is up.

alas no spell check to correct the mess up.

taking me back to my post in the thread.

i can't believe what i just said.



ok not the best but it was a quick reply. :D

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Now my posts can emulate my love-life :D


(testing the quick reply feature)

You can stop now -jeremyc

STOP QUOTING EVERY THING I SAY!!! -Bass_god_offspring

lug, you should add that statement to you signature.-Tenstrum

I'm not sure any argument can top lug's. - Sweet Willie


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