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Fieldy on "Monk"-the tv show, not Thelonious

jeremy c

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I also thought you were going to say Thelonius Monk, so i rushed to read his wisdom... I was actually relieved to read it was the TV show...

don't scare me like that , Jeremy!!!

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Sorry I missed that. I am a great fan of Korn and have been since their humble beginnings.

I think the music is genuine and powerful and hey, who doesn't like the highland pipes in a metal setting?

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I have nothing nice to say so . . .


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I missed "Monk" on Friday because I was at the Texas Music Educator's convention in San Antonio. Stayin' at the freakin' Hilton (district paid!) So I rushed down from the sessions to watch Monk, which my wife and I love, and the hotel doesn't carry the USA network.


Of course, I don't really know much about Korn.

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I love that show, but unfortunatey I missed that episode...sigh....but I'll see it soon enough I think
Hiram Bullock thinks I like the band volume too soft (but he plays guitar). Joe Sample thinks I like it way too loud (but he plays piano). -Marcus Miller
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You mean they weren't as good as Kiss in Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park?


How upsetting.



"To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting."

--Sun Tzu

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Ben, that's hilarious.


Well, I was worried about Korn's take on "T. Monk." Not so long ago, I remember the article (in Rolling Stone?) regarding their take on Ben Folds. Ben Folds in turn wrote a song about that article, Rocking the Suburbs. Humor does belong in music.

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