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Where are all these hits coming from?

Grant Sharkey

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I feel almost embarassed to waste a thread on this subject in a way but I got a call from one of the guys who does our website and the convo went like this:


Him: Grant?


Me: Yeah.


Him: Do you know a URL with musicplayer.com in at the beginning?


(I explain about this place and I lurk a lot and post on threads of interest and how cool the vibe is here)


Him: Have you linked to the Toupé site from there?


Me: Yeah. I do a bit every now and then when we have something new for peope to hear. But nothing recently though.


Him: Well, we're getting more hits from there than EVER before in the last week or so.


Me: Oh, well these things happen.


Him: These are big numbers though. What's going on?


And thus I am here. Asking if you guys know whether there is thread laughing at the site (www.toupe.co.uk) or something I've posted from last year that seems to stand out in the archives or what not. I've used the search function but it doesn't show up anything that I already didn't know about already.


I'm not too fussed if you can solve our webby's headache or not - but if you have visited the site in the last week or so - I hope you enjoyed and want to come back.


So the question is? Have you been linked off to www.toupe.co.uk from somewhere on this board in the last week? If so, where was the link?


Help a webby get some sleep so he can wake up and work out what the hell to do with his life.

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Wow! Sounds like the right kind of problem to have! :D


I haven't visited your site since the last "new tunes" post you put up, sorry. But if it is any consolation to you I do have you guys in my "Bands" folder in my favorites file. I'll make it a point to drop by more often, after all it is kinda fun watching the techno geeks twitch. :thu:

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Have you hosted any photos or avatars on your webspace that are posted in the Lowdown?


Also can your web host identify the referrer? Then you could see what page all the hits are coming from.


Also, what does he mean by big numbers? To me, big numbers means 50k +. If he is talking about a change from 50 hits to 200 hits, that could easily be explained by all the maintenance being done on Musicplayer.

"For instance" is not proof.


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I'd hit it..TWO TIMES!

You can stop now -jeremyc

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Thanks guys,


I'm not sure of the numbers at all. But for him to get excited about it it might be pretty big.


I think it's more the fatc that he noticed a sudden influx from here.


I'll try and find out. I'm as technical as fruit so don't expect me to relay any information believing that i understand it.



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My website has enormous hit numbers and it's all from this forum. It's in the 1000's per day and I figured out that it's all from hosting pictures and whatnot that are on this site; both in my posts and from some other people who have things in their sigs and whatnot that are sitting on my server. Ain't no thing. People aren't really THAT interested in my silly goings on that they go to my site that often. You dig?
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Originally posted by BenLoy:

Maybe it's because you guys rule.


I just listened to some of your tracks...holy shnikees...why didn't I check out this stuff before???



Thank you sir, that means a hell of a lot!




Haven't had a chance to quiz the webby today, been sucked up by my novel today. It's hard to make a phone call when you're immersed in another world :)

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