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recording bass with no amp


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My recording studio is in my apartment and I do not have a bass amp. I do have a bass pre- Valvotronics Tube Amplified Direct Box (http://www.pickledick.com/valvotronics/articles.html) I would like to get something that emulates cabs and amps so I can mix between the direct bass signal and a "miked" signal. Again, since my studio is in my apartment, a bass amp will not be the answer. What's your opinion on the Bass Podxt, Sans amp RBI, or Sans Amp BDDI for direct recording? Not for a DI but for the emulation of amps/cabs?
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Just recorded into Acid using Sans amp BDDI. I thought it worked very well. Quiet, with good tube amp emulation. The manual was very helpful to get started and with a little time tweaking it, I was happy with the variety of sounds.

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This is what I use.

When you find lists of effects and pre-amps on "real" bass pages the BP200 rarely appears but I will stick with this until it frys. It's inexpensive, versatile, forgiving , quiet, and the pedal can be set to control any aspect of your patch. I have used it to record and hauled it to every gig since I got it with never a problem.

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ryst, If you are using a DAW (computer-based digital recording: Sonar, Cubase, PTLE, etc), check out what modelling "effects" are available with/for these products.


I use Cubase SX, and sometimes record DI dry. Then, I can use various inserts or sends to shape my tone.


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