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Allman Brothers


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VH1 had an Allman Brothers concert on last night from the Beacon Theater in NYC..I beleieve its available on DVD and was recorded in early 2003.


The band sounds great and Oteill is a great player ...he was using a Fender Jazz and a Fodera 6 string.

His amp looks like 3 Ampeg Classic cabs..could not see the amplifier he was using but he had a great sound.


They put on a great performance but they are not the same band with Dickie Betts missing from the lineup. He wrote many of the great songs and from what I understand due to legal problems the Allmans cannot perform them w/o Betts...

Too bad for us....


They played many songs I have never heard before ..many long jams which they are known for... Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks smoke...As a bassist it must be great playing along with two drummers and a percussionist.....



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For the music alone, check out "One Way Out" - a live album using the Beacon work. I'd seen a video clip of one song ( "Woman Across The River" ) a while back, which I assume is from the same time. Very cool.


My band attended one of the Beacon shows that year. I'd never seen them (my guitarist goes to the Beacon and Jones Beach each year). I was just about asleep in the second set due to the extensive jamming. Of course I woke right up when Oteil did "Little Martha" ;) I thought the first set (more songs, but plenty of solo time) was great. Since we do lots of Allman songs, it's "required reading" for me. Oteil is very cool.




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A couple of years ago, my Wife and I went to see them in Hartford. Derek Trucks Wife, Susan Tedeschi (girlfriend at the time), opened for them.

She was great. By the time the Allman Bros. came on, we were a little to swept up with the experience of being out a show without the kids to appreciate them from our lawn seats.

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Derek Trucks will (probably) eventually become the greatest, most accomplished and versatile slide player of all time. While it is unlikely that he will eclipse Duane in fame and notariety, he's probably a lot farther along that Duane was at a comperable age. Nevertheless, I really haven't been interested in the Allmans since they kicked Dickie out (and since Warren and Woody left the first time). While the playing with Warren and Derek is amazing and is an experience to behold, I've since realized that most of my favorite Allman songs are Dickie songs, and that I far perfer his playing to the Duane Allman style of playing. The DVD is excellent, though, but the song selection doesn't really suit my taste. :(
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I saw Derek Trucks play with Colonel Bruce Hampton at one of the H.O.R.D.E. festivals. I think it was the one that the Black Crowes were headlining. Even though he was a kid at the time, he could play like hell! I can only imagine where he is as a player now.


The whole Dickie Betts thing really is unfortunate. Even though the band has gone through the tragedies of losing Duane Allman and Berry Oakley, they persevered and stayed creative. The more recent developments with Dickie are more unfortunate and could have been prevented. What's worse is that things have deteriorated to the point where the Allman's can't even play Dickie's material which frankly includes some great songs.

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I own the "Beacon Theater in NYC" DVD and love it! Well worth buying.


I also agree Derek Trucks is probably going to go down in history as one of the greatest slide guitarist ever.


Saw Derek and his band (Derek Trucks Band) live at the Magic Stick in Detroit (late 2003.., was gonna write "last year.. :eek: ) and they SMOKED.

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I just bought the filmore east cd 12 hours ago. my boss, who is 30-odd years older than me, got me into the allman brothers. their latest studio cd is really good, but the filmore cd is better. burbridge is a good player from what little i have heard of him. id love to catch them some time...
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