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OT: Child Prodigy


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I caught it.. The kid is amazing.

I hope he keeps his mind healthy, and the people around him make sure he has some "real-life" (whatever the hell that is) experiences to balance him out.

There was a part where he flipped the music upside down and started playing it that way. The look on his teachers face was priceless.

I feel that he could probably master (technically) and instrument he chooses quickly.

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Reminds me of what I saw on PBS about The Band, specifically the Garth Hudson segment. What an amazing player, and mind. He simultaneouly played two very different difficult pieces on two different keyboards arranged at 90 degrees - with his back turned!


And here is a guy that's pretty much fallen between the cracks in the music world.

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There are simply too many notes, that's all. Just cut a few and it will be perfect.

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I saw this, very, very randomly.


Oh my. This kid is scary. He was discussing his writing/composing technique and he said something to the effect of:


(paraphrasing big-time)"I can have up to 3 different compositions going in my head at once, I work them out, then just write them down. I never go back and change something once it's written down. I've already worked out in my head the right arrangement"


He also mentioned that he really doesn't have a strong desire to become a world-class piano player, he really likes to compose more than anything.

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