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Can't think of a thing that I want... and it feels GREAT!


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Woot! I got my Avatar Neo B210 Friday!!!


First off, I wasn't too impressed with the sound at first. It sounds somewhat bland, but extremely solid. I'm not sure how it is cranked, but I'm sure it'll manage ;) . I am a bit worried as when I'm playing loud bedroom-practice-wise and really dig in at the pickup, the speakers make a somewhat hideous noise. I don't hear distortion (I think), so all seems fine.


But you know what the greatest thing about it is? I can't possibly think of anything that really want badly right now. I have a rig that's a small step below my dream rig, my bass sounds good, I have cables (though I want one of those 8 inch speaker cables), I mean, what more do I need? A seperate D.I.? A new bass? Effects? Those would all be pretty cool, but I'm not really feeling a want to spend money on bass, which is awesome as I broke the pig paying for that speaker.


All GASed out... and it feels AWESOME!!!


Just thought I'd share the feelin'.



In Skynyrd We Trust
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I was doing rather well until I found this at American Musical Supply:




Then, the local Godin dealer received their first order of these:




The four string is very nice.


The pain is alive again! :D


Pass the Maalox.

- Matt W.
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I'm in a good place right now, too. I have 2 good basses, a nice rig, and am gigging occasionally.


It might be nice to have some nice cables, but really, for now I am not "activly" looking for anything. :)


We'll see how long it lasts...for you and me!

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Dig the sig, Steve!


Good cables? You should always have good cables. Good cables don't always mean extremely expensive.


I've been happy with my Planet Waves. I use a total of three 21' cables. Bass to pedalboard, pedalboard to amplifier. I carry a spare. They were reasonably priced (mid-$30 range).


George L's as interconnects for the pedals. $40 for the kit.


I use short 12ga. speaker cables (two are Monster banana->Speakon and two are homegrown Speakon->Speakon). Not cheap, but not outrageously expensive, either.


Interconnects for my Demeter->Stewart are Monster 12" cables. Reasonably priced.

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You're a lucky man, Lady!(?)


I have never been GAS free. My goal is to have 3 complete rigs - right now I stand at 1 1/2. I need another rack and 5 string to be at my goal. The problem is, my wife doesn't get it. The only way I'm gonna get 5 string #3 is with her life insurance money. :D

"He is to music what Stevie Wonder is to photography." getz76


I have nothing nice to say so . . .


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Word. Congrats.


I was feeling that way.


Then I went to Bass Player Live.


The GAS is back, but at least the Fish o' Luv is under construction... whew! And, BP Live was also excellent inspiration to practice. Hmmmm, time to go try the 4-finger plucking style that Matt Garrison demonstrated. That's a whole other kind of GAS.






Fanboy? Why, yes! Nordstrand Pickups and Guitars.

Messiaen knew how to parlay the funk.

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