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Any recent reviews/experience w/ Behringer BX3000T head?


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Just wondering if anyone has had this and used it for an "extended" amount of time (i consider extended, since it's newer, over 2 months). I know on a search I saw Eagle bought one for his son... wondering if anyone has heard any feedback, or if it shit on him? I'm interested in hearing....


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I know a kid in a local punk band who has had his since they came out. He plays it a lot and loves it. I must say it is plenty loud and sounds pretty decent too. I've been thinking about scoring one as a back-up for my back-up. Keep us posted.

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I know a guy who bought one to leave at his band's rehearsal place instead of his Aguilar rig.

He said it was plenty loud, did the job well, just the ticket.

The band broke up recently, and he's getting rid of the Behringer, in a combined bid to make a little cash, clean out some stuff, and be rid of that band's memories.

The Behringer is currently in my house, awaiting a full try-out, as he is quoting me a good price, and I am looking for a new practice rig.

I'll let you know.






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