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1x15" or 2x10" cab?


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Hi, our bass player is about to splash out on a new amp. He's settled on this Ashdown model.


I'm hoping for a little advice as to whether he should get the 1x15 or 2x10 cab? We are a three piece band, playing reasonably overdriven rock and roll, I play a Vox AC30 and Tele.


Could you describe the advantages and disadvantages of each cab? Which one of the two would better suit our needs? I'm certain I see more bass players with multiple 10" speakers, but I thought the 15" would provide more low end to better fill our three piece sound?


Does he need the two 10s for punch and spread, or should he go with the 15 for big bottom end?


Many Thanks...



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I went for the 2X10 for the very reasons Cornbread stated. Later I added a 1X15 and bi-amped. Depending on the size of the room, I'll use the 10's, the 15, or both and set my tone as needed. It is a matter of personal taste. It should be "your" unique sound. :cool:
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I like a 2-10 also. If Low B is present then I find a 15 or even an 18 will do better at volume but it's hard to beat the total tonal quality of mutiple 10's.

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If he plays 5-string bass, the 1x15 might be the way to go.


If not, go for the 2x10. My only cab is an Eden 2x10. Had it for 13 years now, NEVER have been drowned out during a gig (I've played halls with capacities up to 2000 peeps, as well as outdoor gigs).


Easier to load into/out of small cars, too.

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