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Dave Barry's band reunion

Tom Capasso

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Dave Barry is a very funny columnist. My daughter saw this article and sent it to me. Dave still plays sometimes with a band of authors that includes Stephen King.




About 2 years ago my college band got together, though we didn't play (you damned well I did everything I could to arrange that!). It was great to see the guys, and and relive horrible bar moments (and some pretty cool music).


How about you? Seen your band from way back?




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I actually heard an audio clip of "The Rock Bottom Remainders" once...and they weren't as bad as Barry makes 'em out to be.


I read Dave Barry's column a lot. Usually gives me a good belly laugh... :thu:

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Originally posted by Tom Capasso:

How about you? Seen your band from way back?


Nope -- well, not really.


Saw the guitarist from my college band once since college -- by chance I ran into her in NYC among 10 million people. :eek:


Saw one of the drummers a couple of times when he came through Chicago w/ his post-college band.


However, my most longtime musical pal, a guitarist I grew up with, I do see regularly when back in NYC. We only performed together a couple of times: Squeeze's "Pulling Mussels", Beatles' "Rocky Raccoon", and an original of his --- all with me on keyboards! :eek: And my very first performances as a bassist -- "Message in a Bottle" and "My Girl".






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I'm supposed to go home to Indianapolis to visit my parents in late August. I have already contacted my buddies from high school that still play and we do plan on doing a few gigs while I am home. It should be a blast.
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I see the singer/guitarist from my first real band almost everyday.

We had planned a 10 year reunion,but the lead guitarist died in a car accident that year. We tried playing with the drummer a couple of times after that but it wasn't the same. And he hits the drums way too hard (awesome drummer though).

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