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Prince Cream TAB ? ?


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nice to see everybody is still willing to lend a hand to those in need :D;)

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Prepare to don Nomex!"

-social critic

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Originally posted by C.Alexander Claber:

Originally posted by davebassman:

Welcome Whammy. I've sent you a scan of the basic grooves for the song. Just double click on them and print.

Wicked! Could you transcribe the bassline to Kiss whilst you're at it?



Ah... a Pacman classic. :D Packard hasn't been round here for a while. He's probably gigging and doing other more important things.


edit: forgot to mention that the bassline to "Kiss" is the hardest thing to play. Ever. I've never met a Rocco Prestia bassline that I couldn't own all over, but "Kiss" is just beyond me. That Prince guy is just too clever.

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