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a little OT: Open backed amps...

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I own a Fender 2x12 guitar amp which the guitarist in my band uses. it is an open backed guitar amp. i wan't to know if there is any way to make it into a closed back amp. i hear that an amp sounds better becuase the sound goes all out through the front in closed backs. i also don't like all of the fragil parts of the amp exposed. i would think that one could just add ply wood to it, but i don't know if that would work out.


thank you very much.



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I don't think that's a good idea.


Speaker cabinets are designed for the speaker type, or vice-versa, and mixing one not designed for the other will not often yield good results.


Closing the back will turn it into an "infinite baffle" enclosure, which is not as efficient as a ported or open-back cabinet, so you will actually get less sound from the same wattage. Also, the air volume of the guitar 2x12 cabs like that is insufficient in most cases.


Rear port or open-back cab sounds are greatly influenced by their position to room barriers, as they reflect the sound. That's the place to experiment.

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well another experiment you can do is to hold a piece of wood over the back while the guitarist is playing. Then decide which sounds better. Open or Closed.
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Originally posted by Matt W:

And then there's this Enhancer gizmo.



Beat me to it, Matt!


I really want to test drive one of these babies, though I'm not sure why! :confused: I'm not looking for a ton of output from my open back combo.

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