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Today, I attempt Notation and Jazz!!

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After more than a year of 'ducking out' of learning atleast some notation, I started some today. ;)


I was in the library getting some Miles Davis music, when I saw this 'Learning to play bass' book that I'd seen months ago but just flipped through. Today, I looked at the tabs and notation, then asked myself, 'what do I have to lose by attempting to study this stuff?'

So I got the book out. :idea:


I'm glad to inform you that I now know the bass clef and most of the scales, and can fill in all the notes on the stave (Go But Don't Fool Around...GBDFA right? :D:D )


I'm also playing the Miles Davis 'Best Of' double cd. I played the intro to his famous song 'So what'!!!

I'm enjoying myself...watch out Jaco, Miller Wooten and the rest. :D

Yeah right :rolleyes::thu:

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Cool, Miles is the man :thu:


Gotta watch out though he's got a very diverse range of material out. Him and Zappa are currently taking up a large proportion of my cd collection all on their own. :D

Derek Smalls: It's like fire and ice, basically. I feel my role in the band is to be somewhere in the middle of that, kind of like lukewarm water. http://www.myspace.com/gordonbache
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I'll try to get as much Miles Davis as I can. Gonna get John Coltrane from the lib today. :idea: So I'm listening to Fourplay, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and the like, alot.


Just imagine a combination of earth thundering Reggae basslines and drum patterns with the smooth flow of Jazz & Blues... PRICELESS :thu:

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(Go But Don't Fool Around...GBDFA right?
Actually, I always think of "Good bassists do fu**ing awesome" and for the spaces in the bass clef I think "all cats eat garbage"


and the treble clef lines are "every good bassist does fine".. the spaces I just think the word "face" and the order of sharps in the key signatures, well, this is horribly un-politically correct, but it's what shoots through my head "fat chicks go down and eat chocolate"


my acronyms are dirty I guess, that's just what was planted in my head way back ;-)



"You look hopefully for an idea and then you're humble when you find it and you wish your skills were better. To have even a half-baked touch of creativity is an honor."

-- Ernie Stires, composer

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