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Personal perception (and preconception) is so subjective...


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Had a rare weekend off, so I decided to hear some local bands - good for the soul, and an ego-levening agent, to boot!


One band I'd heard about (but hadn't heard) was playing somewhere close. Actually - the club manager had double-booked that band and ours - and we took some advance bookings in exchange....anyways -


This band has my old keyboardist/guitarist, and I hadn't heard them yet. I had heard they were... ummm... not well received, and there were hints of improprieties/special favors, etc. I know some of the staff at the club, and I know what 'the word' is out on the street. Whatever? - I just wanted to hear what the competition was doing.


Long story, short - they were great. Nothing more and nothing less than what the gig called for. Vocals and arrangements were tight, no mistakes, the dance floor was packed all night. Maybe they weren't visually dynamic, but they weren't a snooze, either.


{Disclaimer - their sets were carbon copies of my Top 40 sets from the late 70's/early 80's - maybe I have a soft spot for that particular music ... but then again, so did the audience. ("Word Up"?}

Hey! - I even was asked to dance (I love to boogie!!!)...


Still, it's curious to me why so many people dislike this band - and discourage people from coming to hear them! I can understand (somewhat) some of the staff (whom haven't been able to strike up some level of comraderie with the band - and that's questionable) feeling on the outs. But for fellow musicians to downplay/denigrate this band (in particular) seems ... like a personal matter of some sort.


And that would be a sad case, indeed.


To some major degree, I think all of us put our "best face" forwards in an attempt to provide a positive "Preconception" as to our individual bands' accomplishments and performance.


We don't need to be shot down/pre-judged before the fact...


I'm sure there's a point here, but I'm not sure I know it (at 0100 hours, on a Sunday AM)...


We do what we do, the best we are able - and an honest response from the crowd is all we ask.


Preconceptions and (supposed) Perceptions should NOT be part of the deal...


But, we will deal with it...




Confirmed RoscoeHead

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I played 6 nights a week for years in a good top 40 band. The clubs were always full, the dance floor was always full.

Even the crowds disrespect you. Sample conversation between me and a fan:

Me: "Hey, I didn't see you last weekend, where were you?"

Fan: "Oh, I went to see a real band at the Coliseum"


But, ultimately, I am playing for me and the pleasure and satifaction I get from playing music, so I am able to ignore most of every thing else in the "music business".


Just keep on playing.

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I wish I was at the point that jeremy is in his career. Because of a recent association with certain people in my community, my playing has come to a screetching halt. It's like being in 8th grade again. Very frustrating. My name and playing ability has been, well, I'll use a strong word and say slandered. Unfortunately, that seems to be a part of "the business" of music.
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I think the term we're looking for here is "playa hating." Other musicians with nothing going on will always talk shit about the bands that do. Whatever.... Don't hate the playas, hate the game.


There's a band from my area like this -- really good band with a great following and a lot of stuff going on. They've had great opening gigs for national acts like Marilyn Manson, The Deftones, etc, and they can basically take their pick of gigs in town at almost any venue. They're pretty decent guys, too. Very focused and career-minded. I think this makes them a little stand-offish, but I understand where they're coming from... The band's management is totally pro, which means they take ZERO crap and are all about business.


Naturally, other bands and musicians talk immense amounts of shit about them - "They're snobby," or "They only care about money," or "They think they're better than everyone else," or "They act like rock stars."


And I think it's purely from jealousy. Whatever. I've known these guys for years... and I KNOW they're just trying to be professionals in the best way they know.



"To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting."

--Sun Tzu

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Thanks for the comments - I was in a bit of a "Rant" mode last night, and wasn't sure I'd made my point clearly.


SteveC and CMDN - I think you've both hit on good points. This playa hating and 8th grade mentality really bugs me - I just don't get it. I suppose we can expect things from staff and customers (as Jeremy pointed out), but I don't expect it from other musicians.


And, as Steve has found out - those types of things carry some weight. I was prepared to hear a lousy band, based on comments said to me, and they turned out great.


Go figure?




Confirmed RoscoeHead

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