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I (Finally) Got A Gig!

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After months and months of trying to land something in Santa Barbara (and failing spectacularly), all I had to do was show up at my old high school in Salt Lake to get something substantive to do. I was asked if I wanted to do the sound design and FOH mix for their production of "Les Miserables" (the director's faith in his current crew isn't exactly unshakeable) for a nominal fee. Weighing my options (nothing versus something, no money versus a little money), I said "Sure!" I also offered to do an audio workshop/ seminar for the crew, which the director managed to get put into the summer school program as an actual course. I've got my "slides" and audio examples ready...we start at 10 AM tomorrow. All in all, though, I'm thoroughly sick of being an independent contractor. If anybody out there is looking to hire someone, hey, you can come on out to the school. :D You won't just see and hear my portfolio, you can experience it! :D Finally, I want to say thanks to everybody on the forums, because it's been the one place that I've actually felt as though I was a part of in these last few months, if only in some small way. If anything funny or interesting happens during the production, you can be sure that you'll hear about it. ;) :) :D -Danny

Grace, Peace, V, and Hz,



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