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Favorite Fret Board

73 P Bass

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As it has turned out most of my basses have rosewood fretboards. However, I prefer the sound and feel of maple.

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It depends on the bass. A fretless I'd go with an Ebony board for the hardness and color. But, on an old P bass, I'd have to choose a maple board. If i were going to try out for Erik's band, I'm sure I'd have to have an ebony or rosewood board on a black bass, although if I showed up with a really nice P bass with a maple board that looked like it had been played on every gig known to man, I might be OK. My Zon had a phenolic board that resembled rosewood or ebony. I had a Fender with a Pao Ferro board that was really sweet.


Damn. I didn't want to be that asshole who has to find fault in the poll. I'm going to vote for Ebony since it has the nice dark look and maple sound.

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I'm going to vote for Ebony since it has the nice dark look and maple sound.[/QB]


I second that. However I think my new favorite, thanks to Willie pointing it out, is going to be Pau Ferro. Mainly because I`m a rabbit food eating, pollution protesting, bike riding, modern day quasi-hippie. And Pau Ferro, from what I`ve read, is(I`ve posted it before) a non-endangered hard wood! So support eco-harvesting (if there is such a thing) of exotic timber. Don`t let what happened to the Brazilian Rosewood happen elsewhere.

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I have not dropped a ballot in the box.


I used to think that I was a rosewood guy. Then an ebony guy. Then I realized that different types of fingerboards just seemed to work better for different basses. That is, I think sometimes certain fingerboard woods match certain body woods better than others. However, there are certainly some exceptions to the "rules".


Nonetheless, here are some of the pairings I have found that I like:


-Alder body, rosewood 'board (e.g., 60s Fender J)

-Ash body, maple 'board (e.g., F Bass)

-Walnut body, rosewood 'board (e.g., an early 90s Fodera I played once -- one of the greatest sounding basses I ever played)

-Mahogany body, ebony 'board for fretless





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Screw y'all, gimme some of that nuclear powered Graphite anyday! Preferably on a "Steinburger" paddle stick sandwich. Black, please. 5 string fretted and fretless. And don't forget the side order of extra strings and 9v Lithium batteries for the tasty EMG pickups and preamp. :)


If you're nice, you might see a hefty tip. :D

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The one that I know all the notes on without having to think.


I'm getting there slowly (though the process is being sped up by this cunning device: http://www.activebass.com/default.asp?iTarget=http%3A//www.activebass.com/basics/visnote.asp )




P.S. I like wenge personally, and rosewood covered in polyurethane floor varnish does a fine job on my fretless.

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