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yes, I have a RBX270 (yamaha) and I get more and more surpriced every time I play it! It is my instrument =) I have also a neck-through burnout (ever heard of thet brand?) wich in mt opinion is not even half as good as my lovely, passive, j-p RBX!


And, no, I don´t get paid by yamaha to say that :rolleyes:

Another time, pehaps. But we´ve got very nice pies though...
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Originally posted by jeremyc:

I had sold the Zon before I got the Carvin. The money from the Zon was enough to pay for four other basses. But I didn't really like the Zon (which I bought used).


The Zon was my "graphite experiment". I will not be getting another graphite bass.

So Jeremy, which model Zon did you have, and what didn't you like about the graphite neck?
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