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fun with a v-bass...


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improv is fun.




>> hippie speed bomb (mp3)


Roll off the couch

spin over to the machine

put a spoon or three

and make the brew real mean.


Fill up the pot

whether it's clean or not

flip down the switch

and come back when it's hot.


Slip open a bag

and here's the real caper

pack your means of choice

but hand me the papers...


take a load off,

lay back on the scene.

Take a big gulp

and smell the surreal serene.

The whispers and whirs

the creeping, sunny angst

the paranoid delusions

the memories that you thanked,

come flowing quite freely

and now matter where from

it'll deal real neatly

like the hippie speed bomb...


the caffeine-rush artillery,

the euro-kiefin blend distillery

oh the claritable veritable sensory mush

and the indetectable delectably perceptable rush

comes flowing quite freely

and now, now no matter where from

it'll deal real neatly,

like a hippie speed bomb.


no head when it comes

never knowin where from

it'll deal real neatly,

like a hippie speed bomb




no worries, we still have our day jobs :wave:

--_ ______________ _

"Self-awareness is the key to your upheaval from mediocrity."

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