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How you configure your In-Ear Monitoring setup?


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I was looking into this In-Ear Monitoring recently, and interested how to configure the connections.


I have checked Shure PSM setup manuals, however there are a lot of options. PSM 400 is equipped with small mixer, and the other high end part PSM 600-700 are not. I have checked AKG and Sennheiser as well. I need you practical experience.


Do you use a personal mixer for this, or trusting soundman to mix it for you, or we can use stage mixer? Or how you connect it? How usually soundman/mixerman reacts to that?


If somebody else in the band using In Ear Monitor as well, then how is the setup?

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I am using the In-ear products from Carvin. I use the monitor send to mix what I hear in the in-ears. I haven't had the opportunity to use them in a big (with a soundman) setting yet, because I generally mix my own sound on stage.


The Carvin products are not bass-friendly. If I try to put bass guitar in the in-ears, they distort. I use them mainly for vocals, and put guitar and keyboards in the mix for pitch support. I have read in several different places, that the main reason for monitoring is timing and pitch support for singers, so if you keep that in mind, vocals and guitar/keyboards/and some drums are all you really need.


At least that's my story, and I'm sticking to it :D

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