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plugging in...whats ur setup


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Well, I do plug in straight on occasion. At least I don't use more than one processor at the moment (not a rack unit, floor multiFX). And even that is used minimally (BP200 with just one amp model + volume pedal mode), plus a tiny volume boost, so soundwise, it's pretty close. I get into some extremes, but not too much of that for now.


To see some examples of what I mean, look at this page . Click on the ones I made on 02/14/2003.


I suppose if I never play metal, fusion or dance tunes ever again, then I'd be satisifed with plugging in straight. (That probably won't happen till I'm a really old hack though... :D )

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I have lots of effects, but I rarely use them, so count me in the plug straight in group.


Well, maybe not. I do have several amps and with most of them I plug straight in, but for my loudest gigs I use an SWR SM-400 and an Aphex Aural Exciter. So I guess you would say that the exciter is my favorite effect.

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My signal chain:

P-bass -> nice cable -> SWR SM-500 -> Mesa Cabs


I used to love putting distortion on my bass, but my Rat pedal croaked. I was sad. I started using a Mesa V-Twin pedal for distortion for a while... but I ditched that, too. I sometimes use an Ibanez PD-7 bass distortion for a clean boost, but y'know... keeping things simple is best for me. That way you REALLY hear the bass and not the effect.



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I use a BP200 processor which I programmed in about 7 patches, but about half the night I keep it bypassed, just using the straight bass signal.


I did spend many years doing the 'effects' thing, chasing that elusive 'sound', but realized it's a usless endeavour.


Funny how things go full circle. We start playing straight in, later start the effects and gear search, then realize "What a pain" and run straight again.

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I'm pretty much straight in. I always use my Boss TU-2 as a tuner and more importantly as a mute when I switch basses.


I do however, use my EBS MultiDrive for a couple songs. I am thinking about putting my Limiter back in line as well to even out the peaks when I go from finger-style to slap in the same tune. I also have a chorus that I add when doing some smooth jazz type gigs.


I do like to have individual pedals. I find it's easier to adjust them as opposed to a multi-effects unit that may or may not be easy to tweak. I also like to be able to just take out whatever I need for the gig.

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I have a chorus pedal that I leave on one setting, and a distortion pedal that I use only once in a while, just to boost the already high-gain sound from the amp. I try to keep it simple enough so I can still operate everything on those thirsty gig nights. :thu:
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I use a Crybaby now and then, (not the bass model,) and a Zoom 506II, sometimes. It's not really a very good pedal, but it does have an OK defret setting, which is about the only one I use it for... lately though, since my AMP finally took the last big dump, I don't even use the Zoom, 'cause it sounds like butt through the PA. maybe when I get my Acoustic replaced I'll look into a new bass box of some sort... that Digitech taz has looks cool.


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It depends on the gig. I play in 3, sometimes 4 bands at the moment, all of them are different stylistically.

In one, I could get away with "straight in", and in fact I used to for a while. But I've added an envelope filter in one song, and I'll kick in a compressor sometimes for a bit more punch and level.

In another band I use two Boss distortion pedals, a Super Overdrive for slightly gritty, and a Bass Overdrive set to "kill".

In my other other band, the Jimmystuarts, I pull out my entire bag 'o tricks. Compressor, Envelope Filter, 2 distortions, chorus, and my trusty old MXR Phase 90. In reality, I really only have the compressor on most of the time, and distortion for big choruses. Everything else gets used once, maybe twice all night, and only for a brief section of a song. It just bugs the hell out of me to hear someone's flanger/phaser/chorus whooshing up and down all *$#%&@ night.

-Matt M
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Had a boss ds2 distortion pedal, after a few self dillusional months it had to go. I'm straight in (bar tuning pedal). The guitarists in my band are effect mad, so it's nice to have one pure sound going on.


CupMcMali...this monkey's gone to heaven :freak:

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Depends on the gig. I always have a rackmount tuner fed from the "Tuner out" on my head. Cables are all Monster cables.


Effects (in this order) Sovtek Big Muff -> Line 6 FM4 filter modeler. I'm gonna be adding a Morley bass wah, maybe a Boss bass synth as well at some point.


I use the filter box on its own sometimes for funk things or dance projects. (It's a load of fun in a purple box.)


Effects can be very very cool, when used in the right place. But 90% of the time a well eq'd bass guitar is the best sound.


The effects and bass are run into a Workingmans 300 and a Peavey 410TX.

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Bass -> George L or Belden/GH cable -> Euphonic Audio or Kern.


On some occasions I'll use an A/B box, which is straight wire, no circuitry, and perhaps a Morley Volume pedal with an EUB.


I own a BP-200 multi-effects unit and a Peavey chorus, though I've never taken either of them on a gig. Both do not have a true bypass and really suck the tone out IMHO (especially the BP200 really sucks tone!!), so I built a hardwired true bypass floor switch to use if the use of effects is ever necessary.

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I might get a Boss distortion pedal as well. Then maybe a chorus and an octaver. Maybe a Digitech Whammy pedal as well...ooooo toys toys toys toys, and a visual volume pedal and a Boss pedal tuner. Hmmmm I could really use a compressor as well. Oh what about a flanger or a phaser?


Am I going a bit over board?

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My best tools for getting the special tones I want are a Rickenbacker, a Jazz, & a fretless. :D I'm a bit of a purist--I like the sound of the instrument. I very rarely use effects, & when I do, it's just to bring out something already in the instrument, e.g. a little chorus to underscore the sweetness of the fretless, or a little distortion to underscore its fatness. That sort of thing. But really the knobs on the bass itself are best for me.
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I'm straight in. I had a boss chorus pedal in the 70's, but I only used it twice a night or so.


Does this count? - my Carvin head has an on-board noise gate and compression. The noise gate is handy when the stage is right in front of 23 flashing neon beer signs, and nothing else seems to help. The compression section is not the most user friendly, but after 9 years I'm finally able to get it to do what I want it to, which is balance slap and fingerstyle levels...I know, I really should try a limiter...



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I have a Boss floor multi-effects box (I don't remember what model when I'm at work :confused: ), but I plug my bass into my Raven direct box, and use the effects send to the effects box and back to the DI), and from the DI to the amp and/or PA. That Raven DI has an effect volume that blends the straight tone with the effected one, so that's about 10 o'clock. That gives me mostly straight bass tone, but blended effects to taste. I generally use a detuned patch for chorusing, and fretless simulator for the mwah, and octave divider for the oomph and an envelope follower for the funk :D . The effects have a pedal on the board so I can bring the effect in and out and vary the "wetness". It's a versatile system and I like it.


Aah, but a Roland V-Bass would be MUCH better.... :eek:

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I often just use the amp modelling, compression, and volume pedal with my BP200 with maybe a little chorus from my Boss CEB-3 in conjunction with my fretless. I might feel compelled to use the wah or envelope effect when appropriate.

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Every gig I've ever played has been my fingers on the bass plugged into an amp hooked to a speaker, often miked by the sound guy.


However, during the course of the past year, while not gigging, I have become the proud owner of a Boss CEB3 bass chorus pedal and an EBS MultiComp compression pedal. I rarely use them when I practice alone (I jus wanna plug'n'play!), but I've come to really appreciate some subtle chorus when I play my fretless. I could see that added to my signal chain when I gig again. My EBS pedal is great, and adding a little "tubesim" compression when I slap (which is not too often) is very nice. There is potential for this pedal to see occasional use in future gigs.


I do think that I would use a nice envelope filter. I could see myself stepping on an EBS BassIQ or maybe even the Line 6 filter modeler (which I haven't had a chance to play). I could see myself using a sub-octave effect sometimes -- I've had crazy good times foolin' with the Ashdown sub-harmoniser when I've tested their stuff in stores, and I'm definitely sold on EBS pedals, so their Octabass would be fun as well.


I use 12' Monster cables. I have an 18' (maybe it's 21'?) Whirlwind cable I bought long ago that's pretty kickass, but I'm sticking with shorter cables these days.





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Well, I believe I'm "straight in."


However, I do use that Rolls Red Square DI, for much the same reason that Jeremy uses the Aphex unit. I don't use it All the time.


I have many effects...they are toys that stay home. My GK MBE 150 has the built in Chorus...I've switched it on a time or two, but not often.


My bass Pandora's box has a ton of effects...it's also a great toy that rides in my case....and I pull it out and have a "bass ball."

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Straight in. For gigs I have a guitar and amp and the cabs. Bass is bass. Perhaps I would use a nice rack or floor eq to tweek what is already avaliable on the amp, if i had one. But I also bought a zoom BFX 708 and a GFX 707 these are fun at home. I jammed with the 708 with the band but didn't really like it, like someone said it kills the tone, and it also gets lost within guitarists who like distortion and volume.
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Originally posted by jeremyc:

an Aphex Aural Exciter. So I guess you would say that the exciter is my favorite effect


Jeremy, a few months ago I've been doubting to buy the Aphex. I decided not to before listening to it as I thought that it would not make that much difference. I'm very eager to hear your point of view or of others using the Aphex?

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I've finally succumbed and I'm getting a volume pedal so I can play my bass with all my different techiniques without suffering from annoying volume problems. So my stripped down setup will shortly be: bass into Ernie Ball 6166 volume pedal into amp.


The full setup is currently being revised - the Meatball is going to someone who can justify having a single pedal worth $600 and the Octabass is going as the Deep Impact does a better job of octaving (IMO). I'm still in wah pedal hell - everyone else loves the 105Q but I'm still not all that enarmoured with mine. I've been wondering about saving up for a Fulltone Clyde Deluxe wah, has anyone else tried one on bass?


So the final setup will be:

Bass ->

Trace Elliot Compresser ->

MonkeyFX DuckPuncher ->

Line6 Delay Modeller ->

Ernie Ball Volume Pedal ->

The Big Rig


And in the FX loop of the DuckPuncher will be:

Akai Deep Impact ->

Boss PS-5 Pitch Shifter (with expression pedal) ->

Fulltone BassDrive ->

Wah (whatever I decide on) ->

EBS BassIQ ->

Sovtek Big Muff ->

Boss BF-2 Flanger ->

MXR Phase 90 ->


It's not as complicated as it sounds...



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The fewer items in your signal chain, the more true your tone will be. That's just physics.


Even "true bypasses" still have an effect on the sound as opposed to plugging straight in if you listen closely.


Sometimes I stomp on a Boss OC-2, it's bypass is okay...

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