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Acoustic/Electric - worth it???


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I am thinking about getting a Tacoma CB10-E4 acoustic/electric bass. I have two very nice Modulus Q5's for my regular gigs. I was thinking about an acoustic for something different. Another tool at my disposal. Something I can sit on the couch and play while watching tv, maybe take to "jams" for something different, etc. I don'thave a "real" pressing need for one. It might just be a case of G.A.S.


Any opinions? Anyone out there have or not have an acoustic? Looking for some feedback from you all.

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I used to have an Acoustic/Electric. It was a Godin A5 and it sounded great!!! Perfect for some of the bluegrass and country I often find myself playing.


But in your case it sounds like GAS.

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I bought a Michael Kelly 5 string acoustic-electric fretless about 4 months ago, and I love it. There's definitely a 'sound' to it that I haven't heard from any of my other basses.


Be warned - they're not very loud. If you're going to be playing by yourself or with one other acoustic, you'll probably be ok. If there are two or more other instruments, you may have to put it thru a small amp just to compensate. I have a small Fender Sidekick amp that I use for just such an occasion - it's small and unobtrusive enough to hide away when not in use.


Also, I noticed when playing it thru my Trace Elliot head with 4X10 cabinet, I had to adjust my EQ to prevent midrange feedback, but that was probably just the natural resonance of the hollow body.


Keeping these aspects in mind, it's definitely a gift worth giving, especially to yourself!


-Tim from Jersey :thu:

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