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Who would you choose?


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The scenario: You are looking for a back up band for your project.

If you had to choose between:


Motown "Funk Brothers" ( Jamerson on Bass)




The Stax / Volt Records Booker T and the MG's band.( Duck Dunn on Bass )



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As a native Motownite of course I voted for Motown. I will say the Stax crew kicked it too...

Man, that was one of the toughest questions asked in a poll in a long time.



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I'd kill all of 'em, sew 'em together, and bring them back to life with a big tesla coil.




THEY'RE ALIIIIIIIIIIVE! I've created the greatest backing band in the world!!!!!





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Here's what I referred to, by the way. In a sidebar on page 44 of the December BassPlayer mag - titled Bob Babbitt: In Jamerson's Shadow...


...and we had Jamerson's Ampeg B-15 up there - though I actually played through a miked Carvin Pro Bass 200-15 1x15 combo
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