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Opinions on Arnold Schnitzer's "New Standard Cleveland" Plywood Upright?


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uhm, ben? maybe you wanna check out that link again. does it bother you that he calls it an "STD Bass?" what if you get it and don't like it? how many people do you want to hear you say "you know, i'm really not all that happy with that new STD i just picked up. it's quite limiting." or what if it was really good? would you give a loved one an STD?


okay okay, i've actually been thinking about the ol' upright for a while now too and this one doesn't seem like it would cost me my first born. so when you get one you've gotta let the ol' bastid come over and play with it.

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Look very nice. I really liked the finish in the pictures. Still looks way better than the Knilling uprights that Mars is still charging darn near full price in its liquidation sale. Hmm.... will they drop the price any more in the next few weeks?


Let us know the particulars if you do decide to get one!



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Dont forget about my favorite... I've been dreaming about getting one of these for about 2 years now... Sucks being broke... right bastid ;) I've been lusting for a black w/flames road king ... I play hard rock... how cool would that be! :thu:

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It looks like a good possibility.


I have had another student order the Carved Korean bass from Lemur music ($1850, then add on approx. $600 for accessories and setup.


His, for about $2500 is pretty hard to beat. They have one called the "sunrise laguna" but I don't think that's the same one...maybe it is.


Bob Gollihur also has a European instrument that's pretty good.

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Originally posted by BenLoy:

Just to fill you guys in...


Arnold Schnitzer and Jeff Bollbach are guys who I hear mentioned way more often as "the" guys to go to for bass work/sales in the NY area vs. David Gage, Bill Merchant, or Kolstein.

Although ... DGage is right in town, does great work, and is a sweetheart besides ...
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That's been my experience as well with him personally.


Every teacher I've had has not been a big fan of his work for some reason, but rave about Schnitzer and/or Bollbach.


Probably because they're a bit more "mom & pop" in their operation. And will hang and chat with them for long periods of time.


I didn't mean for my post to sound like a slam against Gage. He knows his stuff and his location can't be argued with.

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I've always wanted to play one of these since first hearing David Piltch lay down the solid, rythmatic groove foundations on Don't smoke In Bed. I even went so far as to take some Jazz lessions. But I never got one of these because you just can't get a good, reliable, long lived Double B without getting a new mortgage.


If you decide to buy one, or anyone like it for that matter I really would appreciate hearing all about it, every little detail.



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At a jam session last winter I was lucky enough to play Arnolds first bass. Fully carved,it was as good or better than any bass I've ever played.

Also, everything I've heard about him is good.His specialty is setting up plywoods to sound and play their best. In fact my old Kay is now in the shop of his protege, Nick Misch. So I would say you can't go wrong with the New Standard. I want to go play one myself.

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