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I sprained my finger, should I try to play?


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It's pretty tough trying to play a song using a different fingering pattern than what you're used to, so unless you have mastered this art, then I would let it rest until proper healing has taken place. Also, take two Advil, three Tylenol, and fifteen rolls of ecstacy, and you should be fine. Just kidding about the Advil, that stuff doesn't work.
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I agree with Bastid and Patrick on this, except for that Tylenol thing. :)


Seriously, BUT SERIOUSLY, you can do long term damage when playing injured, and it can even be the kind that you do not know about for weeks, months, or longer, until something you've started down that road decided its had enough, and then you can't play.

You have not said how the gig went, so I guess all is ok. Take it easy.






I'm a lot more like I am now than I was when I got here.






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Originally posted by Bastid E:

do NOT play on that finger until it no longer hurts to flex and/or stops looking like an uncooked sausage.

Hey, that advice won't work for PJR. The guys at the Dudepit think Romano's fingers always look like sausages...


I saw him play - I won't say what they look like, but PJR can PLAY...



P.S. Sorry PJR, but they said "sausage"


Acoustic Color


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About two years ago I injured my index finger. Started to play with the middle and ring (I was a two finger player up to this point...) As my index finger healed, I strted to try things like taping the index and middle together and the middle and ring together, etc. Anyhow, it seems that playing without my index for a while gave me the impetus to become a three finger player. My speed is much greater than it was, and cross-string things seem to be a hell of a lot easier (I think my right hand position changed a bunch from playing like this, but I'm not sure...)


Anyhow, take care of your finger, but maybe use it as a stepping stone to getting your other fingers in better shape.

Andrew Mazzocchi
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