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A slap question..

How did Mark King slap this song? Was it straight thumb down :mad: or tut tata tut tata ...D+DU D+DU :rolleyes: (where D=Thumb Down stroke & U=Thumb Up stroke)?


Also, could one explain what it means that he did double handed slapping?

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Two hand slaps (or double as you put it) would be the system where you slap the string (or pop it) and follow that with a hammer-on of sorts with your fretting hand, pull off the string, then another slap with your other hand. I do believe this is correct, and whilst I have not perfected it yet, it's a good thing to have in your technique arsenal.


I can't remember who pioneered this, but it's a great sound, ain't it?

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When I learned this song, it seemed to play better with a constant thumb thing, i.e.


always with the downstrokes on the thumb, and almost no popping, or pulling, of strings.


Hope this helps.






I'm a lot more like I am now than I was when I got here.






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