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Volume which is better.....


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So for each of you,


Where do you keep your bass volume knob at during gigs?


Is it beeter to have it all the way up like in recording for ensuring a clean strong signal to the amp?




Is it better to have it low and get the grit and punch from the pre amp volume and master controls in the amp?


What are your preferences?

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I always have the volume all the ay up on the bass, and use the amp to vary it. The only time I use the bass's knob is if I need to make a signifigant volume change mid-song and can't get to the amp.
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You have access to more GRIT if your bass's volume knob is up all the way, thus driving the head/preamp further into the tube. Not vice-versa.


It's better to use maximize gain at the bass for signal/noise regardless of clean or not-clean tone prefs.

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Originally posted by CMDN:

Peg the volume knob and break it off.

I gotta get down to Phila. one of these days to meet you, bro. I love a person that always has a gentle approach to things...






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For passive electronic basses keep the vloume all the way up.


Actives can be more instrument adjusted for volume to some degree.


Reducing the output of the instrument means increasing amplified gain to reach the same relative volume. Increasing gain decreases signal to noise ration, thus adding noise.


Hope this is helpful.

Hope this is helpful.


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I must be all screwy then. Of course, when passive, I play all the way up.


But lately, on my rig, I've noticed I'm working on the bottom 20 % of my volume knob.


Here's the signal chain: '91 Warwick Streamer, Treble Flat, Bass Flat or 5% boost into:


Rolls Red Square DI/Exciter...input gain 50-60%, Bass Boost 10%, Effect 60-75% into


GK MBE 150...contour 4 o'clock, slight treble boost...eq flat (little roll off on bass,) limiter disabled, boost about 50%


And it's still pristine S/N ratio.


Of course, as I write this, I realize...my Red Square is taking the place of my Warwick's volume knob...hmmmm.


I like the set-up...any suggestions for improvement?

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I don't know that I have nothing new to say, but I will do some reiteration. My three rules for your bass volume:


(1) Give yourself room to tweak, if necessary.

(2) Be conscious of your equipment and the sound you want. Sometimes you don't want to overdrive a preamp or whatever, but on the other hand, sometimes it just sounds better all the way up.

(3) Crank it up as far as rules (1) and (2) allow.

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i usually put my volume at 9 on my amp(because it is not that loud of an amp) and I definitly turn my bass up all the way, and I make it sound "stringy", I love that sound. I have an effects processor and I have to turn it up on that all the way because it doesn't make my bass that loud in the first place.


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This reminds me of a little story - I was at a gig once and an inexperienced band was sound checking. The sound guy was working on getting the acoustic guitar player so he could hear himself in the monitor. It came to a certain point where he was more or less happy and then told the sound guy, "don't worry about it too much, I have a little bit of adjustment here with my volume control." The sound guy said "Your knobs affect my knobs..."
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