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Trevor Dunn


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God, this guy's good.


I've known his Mr. Bungle work for awhile, but his jazz stuff with Marc Ribot and Junk Genius (where they "free-deconstruct" bebop standards) is mind-blowing...I'm inspired and jealous.


Anyone else out there know what I'm talking about?

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Check out "Mister Bungle" for a good cross-section of wierdness. "Disco Volante" is great...althogh VERY abrasive and out there...


Their latest, "California", contains actual melodic songs...although there's plenty of Bungle weirdness present, it's a bit more melody-oriented...which is great as well.


They're quite a talented bunch of freaks...

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California is the only Mr. Bungle that I know well. I am one of those weirdos who can listen to it and enjoy it and laugh at everyone else's grimaces as they wonder what the hell is bombarding their ear drums. :freak: *Also lucky enough to have witnessed Fantomas and Tomahawk. Thanks for the lead to Mark Ribot and Junk Genius.
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Mr. Bungle is perhaps the greatest rock band in all of history. I'm serious.


Trevor Dunn is a phenomenal player. I've seen Bungle at least 10 times, and I had my mind completely blown every single time. Mike Patton is one of the biggest musical talents ever. Dare I say genius? Nah. But Mr. Bungle together as a band is pure genius. They're the smartest group of idiots to ever release a record.


Don't even get me started, dude. Seriously.


...and Marc Ribot is freaking great! I really dig his style. He used to play for Elvis Costello, but I really like his post-Elvis solo stuff from the '90s. Didn't know of the Dunn collaboration, though. Thanks for the tip. I love your comment about the record making you jealous! How honest and revelatory! Now I know for sure it's a good record! :thu:

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Here's a link for Evander Music:


While you're there, check out The Lost Trio featuring another superb Bay Area bassist, Dan Seamans (of New Klezmer Trio), Trio Putanesca also with Dan along with Adam Levy, and Ashley Adams, yet another fine SF bassist/composer.

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Yeah, Dunn is definitely a badass player, for sure. Been a Bungle fan since '89, have copped many licks from him. Have met and talked with him, seemed like a righteous dude.

And speaking of Ribot, anybody know of his brother Greg? Awesome horn player, another nice guy.


Ben, interested in the 16 track Bungle demo? PM me if you are...






I'm a lot more like I am now than I was when I got here.






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Trevor is the man. The bassline for "Dead Goon", last song on the first Bungle album, is probably one of my favorite fretless bass lines of all time. It just owns.


I've saw Bungle on the Disco Volante tour and the California tour. Both times, Trevor simply amazed me. Monster of a player.

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The last thing I heard from Mr. B was this wierd collection of odd 30 second clips. Like an FX CD... :eek:

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http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/63/condition_1.html (my old band)

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Hi Brian,

Just in case you aren't familiar with it or forgot about it, due to it's scanty distribution, The Trevor Dunn show with Zorn, was part of the EARSHOT Jazz fest. and was listed in their free newspaper. That might be a place to check in the future. They also have a website.


I didn't go because I just spent my bread seeing Elvin Jones at Jazz Alley and didn't have the $30 left to see Zorn and Dunn...

By the way, can any Seattlites hip me to what the club "By The Boards" is like? (that's where the gig was... Thanks, Jim T.

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