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THE Best Pickups


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One player's best J pick-up may be another's worst. As a player, the tones I like to get out of a jazz bass may be different than another player's preferred tones -- therefore one brand of pickup might be better suited to my playing than to the other player's style. For example, I really like strong low mids, while someone else may prefer stronger treble and bass tones with less mids -- our preferences will probably be best served by different brands of pickups, even if we're replacing pickups in the same make and model of bass.


It can also vary with the design of an instrument. Where are those single coil pickups placed on the body of the bass -- traditional jazz positions? closer to the neck? pinched closer together in the middle? It could be that such positioning helps the tonal strengths of one pickup and reduces those of another. Or certain types of woods used in a given bass may emphasize certain tonal qualities, and one brand of pickup may better complement those qualities than another.


Thus, "best quality" is very hard (impossible?) to judge. However, questions like "which pickups give strong midrange tones?" or "which contribute treble bite?" and so on, are more answerable.


I may have been more rambling than explanatory, but maybe this helps a little -- or else others may have better ways to say this (or to disagree).





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all the subjectiveness aside, i'll say this much. the best soapbars i've found are those big, nasty 1/4 inch ceramic suckers on g&l instruments. i wonder who makes those? think they're proprietary? ayway, they are psychotically versitile.
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I'm glad Bill set this thread straight. I thought I was going to have to "moderate" when I saw the title - I assumed you were looking for phrases to interest members of the opposite sex...




Acoustic Color


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I always found the best pick-ups to be those where the girl did not feel picked up on, just conversational and comfortable, so by all means, try to avoid the cliche'. And, for pete's sake, wear some clean clothes, take a bath, what could it hurt?






p.s. who is this pete? should I know? is he famous already, aside from this whole homily thing, or what? where's my remote? is oprah on?


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