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A high end AD conversion perspective

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I recognize that converters have their own acoustic personalities and that everybody's needs are different. I need 8-16 channels of very tight, accurate, warm/analog like quality conversion for my project studio. One discussion I had centered on the digital domains inherent lack of "fatness". It was said that since digital does not have the same fullness and breadth of analog, going to super accurate ADs like Mytek may leave my instrumental recordings lacking. I've also been told that ADs like the AD 8000s are over rated but do contribiute to a more natural albeit colored tone. Let the experts and experienced speak. I'm seriously looking at : 1. Crane song Spider 2. Mytek 8x96 3. Apogee AD8000 or AD16 4. RME ADI-8 DS The Platform is DP3 on a G4 with dual 1 Gz. I've seen a few AD/DA discussions and comparisons, but I'm interested in what can and cannot be heard and what is needed and not needed at 24/96. we're talking about recording acoustic and electric instruments.
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