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songwriter mags

Eric VB

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Well, I generally don't like talking about non-MP mags on these forums, but seeing as how MP doesn't have any direct competition with songwriting mags I don't feel so bad talking about those.


I picked up a copy of "Performing Songwriter" recently, with the guy from The Cars on the cover. I leafed through it in the bookstore, but haven't had time to read the articles in depth. A few caught my attention so I shelled out the US$4.99 :rolleyes: (I think) for it. It also includes some song charts, apparently based on their own polling.


Has anyone else checked this mag out?

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I have. I won't mention a name, but there's a columnist in there that drives me nuts. When I read her stuff I wonder what she did to get the job. Other than that it's not bad overall, I guess, if you're a performing songwriter (unlike me).


Another magazine is American Songwriter. But like PS, it seems full of fluff rather than guts. I suppose I'm just not easy to please about this. I'd rather see some of what I've seen in books as articles in these magazines. They seem to focus on being People-style. As much as I admire the work of the pros, I find reading about their lives dull.


On the other hand, what else is there to look at? And where else can I find contest info and the like?

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