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Alphabet game style lyrics - ever tried this?


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Dunno what you'd call this, except cool!


I was listening to a song called F.E.A.R. by Ian Brown the other day. I've known the song for a couple of years but never really paid much attention to the lyrics, I dont usually. Well, I noticed something that I never had before.


The song's chorus repeatedly says "You got the fear, F.E.A.R. (You got the fear)" but here's some samples of some of the other lines...


For each a road

For everyman a religion


Forget everything and remember

For everything a reason


Fantastic expectations

Amazing revelations

Final execution and resurrection

Free expression as revolution

Finding everything and realizing

Notice the F.E.A.R. theme!? Clever eh!


Anyone ever tried to write like that? Not easy!

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That's the spirit guys!


Writing a sentence is relatively easy though....Try my screen-name:


Fella's, Look, You Should Come Over To Scotland.


Writing a verse of some kind is much harder. Here's one I did with the word stone, I dont know why it turned so political!


September Twothousand One Nine Eleven

Sick Terrorist Osama's Nihilistic Expression

Sad Truancy Of Normality Emits

Smoke Tainted Oracles Now Evolve

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