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writers block

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what do you do when the words just dont come?


i never used to go a week without scribbleing some phrase,a verse idea,a chorus,

or whole damn songs...


lately though...nothin...blank page...nada


i havent got a problem with music

i write tunes all the time on bass and guitar

i've got lots of songs but im just lost for words

and its driving me nuts.


maybe ive just gotta get out and do something new

break out of the rut

have some fun...

FUN!...theres an idea.



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When I need to feed my mind, I like to import alot of natural dialog. So I go read non-music related forums, like motorcycles or computers or cooking and recipes, not music theory or the bands I like. It's gotta be totally away from music-centered discussion. Then I read the natural dialog and take notes on some of the more interesting phrases and ways of looking at things, especially when trying to develop an angle. Opens my mind up real quick.


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Songs come from life, so go live a bit. When you catch yourself at that "Wow" moment, try to remember the feeling and put it into verse. When someone says something that sticks with you, put it into verse. When you see something that strikes you as truly good or truly bad, put your feelings into verse.


But most of all...don't try to write. Just try to remember what you feel.



"I don't know anything about music. In my line, you don't have to."

-Elvis Presley (1935-1977)

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im not much of a lyricist, but the lyricist i write told me if he is ever short of ideas he just walks into a book shop. there are 1000s of titles there all waiting for a song to be written about it.
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I wrote my first really complete composition after seeing a really scary movie. I also like to go into a busy hallway or something and tune in on multiple conversations going on at once. Deadlines don't work for me though.


Another question for all of you: What do you do if you've got little scraps of nothing laying around, like a few lines here, a few lines there but you just can't seem to do anything really purposeful with them? That's my big problem right now.

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Hi Jessica,


Uh, I haven't tried this yet myself, but I've heard you should keep all those little gems in a notebook. Don't throw anything away! Maybe you can use them some day.


Does the art gallery in Winter Park still have Dali, or am I thinking of the wrong place? My parents used to live nearby in Winter Springs.

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I'm not really sure about much in this area since I'm just attending Full Sail here. I'm actually a few weeks from graduating. I am originally from St. Petersburg, FL and there is a Dali museum just a few minutes from our house. I don't think I've ever been there though.
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