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Hey all. I'm considering naming a song "Your Girlfriend's Crazy About Me, You Bigoted Wimp". Out of curiousity, if you saw that on the back of a CD or heard that title announced before a song in a crowded bar, what would you thinik?
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I don't see any problem with either the length (one of my favorite titles is "Everybooty's Got Something to Hide Except for Me & My Monkey"/Bestles) or phrasing (hey, if ya's got riddem ya can make anything scan; that's only a problem if yer trying to jam something in where it don' fit/ music-lyric mis-match...without knowing the music or lyric pattern, who can say what scans?).


I do wonder what the "bigoted wimp" part's on about (that could arouse one's curiosity...although over the typical sound system in a crowded bar that might not be decipherable.


I offer this variation: "Yer GFriend's Crazy; She Likes You"...although that bypasses whatever the bigot thang's about...

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"Crazy Girl 'n' Bigoted Wimp". Oh wait, that lost something in the translation. :)


You could do the parenthesis thing backwards, mayhaps:


You Bigoted Wimp (Your Girlfriend's Crazy About Me)


It's a matter of emphasis, I guess.


To me, this order has more "surprise value"; after someone hurls one insult, I expect a whole bunch more to follow. (You're a lier! And a thief!) Or at least an explanation for the insult. (You're a lier! I saw you kissing her!) I don't really expect the next part about the girlfriend. (You lied to me about kissing her! Is that mustard on your shirt? That'll leave a permanent stain.)


In the original order, you kinda see the insult coming; no surprise. However, it is an interesting insult nonetheless, more so than the standard "a-hole", etc. I mean, it kinda has a dialog feel along the lines of, "Listen here, you're girlfriend's crazy about me you jerk." It doesn't have the same conotation as the Car's "My best friend's girlfriend\She used to be mine". (Well, bad example, but it's all that comes to mind at the moment.)


Also, like I & I mjrn said, the "bigoted wimp" kinda catches my attention more than the other part, but that may just be me. The "your gf..." part sounds too much like "it's been done before"TM®©. :D


My favorite longish title is Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night, a poem by Dylan Thomas.

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Hey guys


These responses are great! I totally feel the ska band thing. Coincidentally, said girl's into ska, though the song would likely be stonerish. Right now I like "Your Girlfriend's Crazy About Me (You Bigoted Wimp)"



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