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When writing a song, do other songs come into your head and distract you?


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I've got the verse and chorus of a new song in order now, now all I need is a pre-chorus or bridge in between the two . . . but, dammit!


Everytime I play through it and get to that part, the Golden Girls theme song comes into my head!


"And if you threw a party

Invited everyone you knew . . ."


Arrrrghggghhh!!!!! I hate that song!!!


But for some reason, that just comes into my head right at the exact point where I need my new section . . . Noooooooooooooo!




In Search Of A Melody



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No never....

When I'm focusing on an idea it's not the words that gets cross pollinated it's the melody.


I'm continuously running things through my head, progressions, chord arrangements, sounds what ever.. thinking in my head... what does this sound like.


It's when I find something that's too close musically that I start having trouble and try to shift gears and climb out of it.


I'm certain nobody thinks like me :freak:


It also helps that I can't remember the words to most of the songs I've ever heard. It's true.

I still think guitars are like shoes, but louder.


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Funny- I am constantly distracted from eveything by the music playing in my head - kinda like what Shoes describes! Infrequently I'll just tap into the ongoing soundtrack and noodle up something and there's a "song".


Shnigs, maybe you could go where your senses are leading you - sorry I don't know the theme from Golden Girls - maybe play the theme with some jumped up guitar? or fugue it, that is make something totally different in sound & feel for the prechorus/bridge part? which then returns back into the piece?


Just some suggestions and encouragement, keep at it and remember I don't know nuthin.





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Go with whats in your head even though someone else wrote it. Let that idea play out and you`ll soon find a melody in there thats your own.


This is a good songwriting exercise. I will often mimic a song I consider very good. I`ll play around with it and then start to add my own melodies and chord changes to it.


I too, do not remember lyrics from other artists very well so when it comes to lyrics, I don`t have a problem.



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James Brown once said that if you have a new idea for a song part you should maybe write a different song witht that idea.

That may seem irrelevent nut the point is that music is a big quilt & mix of inter-related ideas...it's onlt natural that sometimes a musical effect will call up other ideas that may or not be related or useful in the context at hand.

Sometimes these can be briefly noted & used elsewhere, sometyimes they may give a beneficial new direction to what you're working on.


Since this seems to happen so consistently in this case, I'd examine why.

Is there a great resemblence between the parts or is it something more esoteric?

If they really resemble one another, maybe you should redesign the music or drop it altogether.

Have you considered that the theme to the TV show gave you the idea for the song?

One reason I specifically limit my random exposure to musical "wallpaper" & keep notes on specific effects that I like so I can trace their influence without thinking I created something that I didn't.

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My mind is always churning out riffs and melodies. I wish I were that way with lyrics...

Anyhow what gets me through this problem, is having a recorder by my side as always, and as soon as a new idea hits me, record it, then go back to what you were working on.


Finish the song you worked on then go back to that new idea later, and go from there. ITs a lot easier then going from one half-assed song to the next one.

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"& if you threw a party, i-i-invited everyone, you gnu..." (a song about friendship with a ruminid?)

What are ya tryin'a do, Shnig? Infect us all?


There's a saying in my neighborhood: "Keep an open mind but not so much that you catch cold in yer brains..."

I think one problem with overexposure to pop culture is it's insidious tendency to burrow into our mentality & you may've caught yourself a bad case of what I call "ear flu"---didn't you get a shot this year?


BTW, who wrote the "G Girls" theme? Is there a more lame attempt to plow the Carol King/Tapestry-era farm?

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