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Blues Song

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Could you give a little more information?

Are you looking to add lyrics to a 12 bar blues progression: I, IV, V chords. eg, A, D, and E. You can change sequence, start with V, I, IV. Write out the melody over the I pentatonic scale. Let us know what you know, don't want to talk down to you, or confuse you either.

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I would think that if you'd listened to even a few blues tunes you'd have a fair idea of the various structures. If you haven't done that then you really have no right (artistically, let alone culturally) to try to write a "blues" (or perhaps any other type) song.

And any attempt to follow the "paint by numbers" approach (no matter how well explained) would be an embarrassment & a travesty.


Hard truth, but you really need to develop an idea of what goes into an art before you try to construct anything. There are a lot of people that try to create art without any knowledge of what they're doing...some even become succesful but we really don't need any more of that in the world, do we?


Get some recordings (you can find lots of recommendations) listen to them to see what you like & form your music out of that.

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Sorry, compact, but I have to go with MJ somewhat.


Intellectual explanations of simple blues construction won't guarantee a "blues" tune. Would you accept marriage counseling from someone who's never been married, but read all about it in a book? I think not.


But, not knowing you personally, I can make no statement concerning your ability to fruitfully construct a blues song. After all, in blues, it's more a matter of how the lyric's subject matter is interpreted musically.


And if you never had the blues, you sure enough can't SING 'em!


And I think in his own way, this is what MJ was trying to convey...



I started out with NOTHING...and I still have most of it left!
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I agree, I saw nothing derogitory in the nose's response to your inquery.

You can learn the chords & progressions but without knowing something about the "feel" you won't ever "get" it.


Ya gotta do two things to play the blues. Ya gotta live 'em & ya gotta love 'em.


One or the other, by itself, won't get you playing blues, rather, mechanically representing the structure & nothing more.


A cold hard fact is, again agreeing with the "nose", there are too many wannbe blues players out there with really few "good to great" players.


Study the craft of the blues. Listen to the old timers and some of the new "really good" players & you'll get the idea.


Our Joint


"When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it." The Duke...

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I don't think I replied in an insulting way to your question, though the idea of a young, inexperienced person who didn't even care enough about the form to listen to it but thought they could write the blues would be an insult to most bluesmen.

Having read the other responses, do you now realize the need to at least aquaint yourself with any art you want to emulate?


Like I said, "Truth is hard"...that's part of the blues.


Maybe that could be your first song...

"I wanted to write the blues but Michael Jackson's nose put me down...

Said, I wanted to write the blues but Michael Jackson's nose put me down (down like a dirty dog)...

It said I couldn't be a genuine bluesman 'til my smile turned upside down"


Now you've got something to be sad about!

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