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boring meldies

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Time after time i keep finding myself trying to come of with melodies that are creative and expressive. All i end up doing is thinking about what shape I am playing or what chord goes in with the scale.I want my songs to sound like what I am thinking about and not my musical knowledge.Could someone help me learn to give a little more power and emotion to what I write?
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One thing that has helped me in that area is that in the last few years, I almost never write with an instrument in my hands.


I will sing the idea into a tape recorder. The melody, lyrics, whatever fragments I might have.


Later after I have gotten the idea out of my head and have given it some kind of form, I then go to my guitar of keyboard and play with that.


I find that by doing this I can more consistently get the idea out of my head and onto an instrument.


We all have a tendency to play in patterns. Our hands will reach for the familliar, while our imagination will reach for the as yet undiscovered.


Anyway, thats what works for me.


Good luck.



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