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New Tune

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Hey folks I posted this on the SSS Is your music anygood thread,but it got buried quikly.This song a friend and I wrote this song for our upcoming album.We released as a single last week .I know it's played at least once on 2 different radio stations. Check it out.My good buddie Dak has heard it and is currently playing it in his live sets.Thanks Dak! If anyone has any ideas on the production feel free to give some feedback good or bad I can handle it. Or on the lyric or the music,any coments welcome. Rundown Blues is the name . Thanks, JG
jgc2002 is not responsible for damages ,injuries and or death as result of above post.Side effects include nasuea,dizziness,dry mouth,vomiting,blurred vision,nervousness,loss of memory and in extreme cases sexual side effects. www.mp3.com/salt_creek
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Hi JG, I tried to listen to that tune and Nothin played instead. Anyway I liked it quite a bit. My only thought would be to use a much shorter delay time or a smaller reverb room on the vocals. I have a dumb question for you, How do you get your songs on the mp3 site. I cant seem to get the info I need. Paul.
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