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Imported MIDI virtual voices question

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I downloaded some MIDI files today and played hem in Cubase. I selected the Universal Sound Module as the virtual instrument output, and as if by magic the file played with all the correct sounds. That in itself is not so amazing, but what puzzled me is where some the sounds were coming from - let me explain: One MIDI file played back with some good drums, but none of the inspectors for the channels displayed which patch was selected. So I searched around the patches in the module looking for the drums, BUT THEY WEREN'T THERE!? The channel definately got it's voice from the SM, so how can I access the patch for my own use?? BTW- the MIDI files were fantastic versions of well known themes. I couldn't believe someone could programme them that well.
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I'd imagine that with the Universal Sound Module being "universal" (GM compatible), to access the drums you will need to address the module on channel 10. How you change drum sets is another matter. The general magic of what you experienced is one of the nice things about having standardization. In this case, the patch numbers of a GM module always correlate to the same sounds. -Danny

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