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SPDIF audio - USB SPDIF input? Work OK?

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Is SPDIF of sound module to cheapo USB sound card interface SPFID in a clever way to get the purest sound into a DAW cheaply? After all its digital to digital , no re conversion! PLS advise, why do I think thsi 'brilliant' plan will turn round and bite me in the ASS! Yamaha 500(?) USB inteface G3 powerbook Proteus sound module with SPDIF out. Anyone know a cheaper 'orchestral' SPDIF out sound module? Thanks! :)


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I am curious about this too. I just built a PC based around an Asus P4S333 motherboard. Asus integrated a S/PDIF output on the board but the physical connection module is an extra item not yet in my possession. It seems like it should work. on the USB side I am using a Tascam US-428 which is a likeable and maturing tool.
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