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HITS Magazine email/article with Don Henley

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Here's an article from HITS magazine with an email from Don Henley. You have to register to view the article but just put in a phony address. [url=http://www.hitsdailydouble.com/news/newsPage.cgi?news03277]Complete article[/url] . [quote]DON RESPONDS Our Wacky Grammy-Party Coverage Gives Henley a Peaceful Easy Feeling March 19, 2002 The gala post-Grammy issue of HITS (it's our sister print publication; you should check it out) contained eight crudely doctored post-Grammy party photos into which the stern visage of Don Henley had been pasted. We wondered whether Henley would be tickled or annoyed by our attempt at comedy; then we received the following email from the Eagle his bad self. Really. This time we didn't make it up, folks. Dear Loathsome Trade Hacks, I was terribly amused by your series of fantasy scenarios detailing my supposed crawl through all the post-Grammy "company store" parties. In truth, I opted for a quiet, candlelit dinner with my beautiful wife at a seaside restaurant. You see, I didn't want to attend any of those sumptuous bashes and be the guy who ordered that one extra glass of champagne that shifted the delicate balance and sent the industry careening over the edge into the abyss of total bankruptcy (although Sony's music group shows a profit of $203 million for this past fiscal year).[/quote] [url=http://www.hitsdailydouble.com/news/newsPage.cgi?news03277]Complete article[/url] .
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