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Open mic? OK! A mic question.

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Anyone familiar with the Carvin CM90E small diaphram condenser mic? Can I run this puppy with 48 volt phantom power? I have the question posted on Carvin's board but no replies yet. The Carvin powered mixer I use has 12 volt phantom power & the mic works great there but on my little home computer studio I have a 48 volt, global mixer. The problem is, with out the capability of separate voltages on separate channels, I can't use the Carvin in conjunction with other 48 volt mics, even if I run it off the battery power it has. Right? Wrong? I've been making do but could use that extra mic sometimes. On this mixer I know I can't run a dynamic and powered condenser through the mic circuits at the same time & I understand that. Does this make any freaking sense at all?


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