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how good are the logic pro 7 guitar amps?

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I have 'em both and so far I like Amplitube better, but when you're going for a big sound I can see some potential benefits to running them both in parallel so one can fill in the gaps for the other.


Or panned differently for stereo bigness.


Or running one guitar part thru Guitar Amp pro to help differentiate it in the mix from an Amplitubed guitar part.


I'd say Amplitube generally sounds deeper, more real, Guitar Amp Pro thinner, more in your face.


And of course Amplitube has all that stompbox, wah, tremelo etc. goodness going for it whereas Guitar Amp Pro is more straightforward.


I still haven't done really extensive experimentation on guitar with Guitar Amp Pro yet though - more running other instruments and stuff through it.

Just a pinch between the geek and chum



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