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Venting My Spleen, But It Might Be Useful

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I've posted before about Linux DAW's not quite being ready for full blown prime-time. However, I have been putting together a linux machine for the purposes of two track recording and playback in "field situations." (I figured that two track couldn't be too bad.)


I am quite confident that the recording and playback part will work well. However, I must say that, if you are a linux system builder, you should stay away from Asrock K8 1689 motherboards. I am convinced that there is something very strange about the way they work, because I absolutely could not make networking go for a machine built around that board. I tried Fedora Core 4, both releases of Ubuntu, the newest release of Debian, and D!@# Small Linux. Even with a new, PCI, Belkin manufactured ethernet card...nothing. The machine simply could not talk to the local network in any way.


Just for fun, I put the D Small Linux disc in my regular machine, which was built around an Asus A7N8X-E board. The X server failed, but I absolutely could ping my router perfectly.


Like I said, I'm venting my spleen, but maybe this is informative somehow. :mad::cry:

Grace, Peace, V, and Hz,



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