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Indie artists, how they capitalize on file-sharing

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Indie artists that PROMOTE some/all of their songs via file-sharing... they encourage it... how do they capitalize on it? How do they gather those fans?


If they have a song on Morpheus or whatever, hopefully their band name will be spelled right. I guess some fans might do a search engine search for the band to check out more. So, their website should be in search engine optimized.


Is there anything else they could do? Over time, I guess they'd just be relying on their touring to snag fans here and there that remember their name.


What else?

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I don't know about anyone else, but what I did was put a short description of the song in the file name, such as "A Constant State of Change - progressive techno". So that anyone searching for 'techno' or "progressive techno" will find that song.

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There's a DJ in L. A. on NPR who does a set called Morning Becomes Eclectic, he has broken Cold Play amoung others and will spin a lot of off the radar stuff.


Last week's L. A. Time magazine did a piece on him.


AS for file shareing, If one does a commercial pressing, there can be encoded copyright data, and that's what

http://prosoundnews.com/articles/article_2090.shtml is ID'ing for compensation purposes.


If someone has spent their youth and years of BST getting noticed, then their craft has rendered a viable intellectual product, and hence they should be compensated, if that is what they choose to do....


FWIW IMHO, file sharing is stealing, without an artists consent, with consent...yes it can be a valuable tool for exposure...



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