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Who has a Sony Kareoke setup. Need some help.

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I have a used Kareoke set up that I need some help with.


The equipment that I have is Sony gear. The previous owner of my house just gave me two full racks of gear. The following is the Kareoke gear.


CDK 3300P2(multi disc changer, 60 cd's)

CDK 3300A (Amp)

CDK 3300C (controller for the multi disk changer)


The monitor is missing for the set-up. The other gear is a rack mounted mixing board, tape deck, VHS deck and some other gear, speakers, stage lights and two light controllers.


My question is, how can I get a hold of the manuals? I can't find them on the NET yet, still trying. Do any of you have a similar set-up, with manuals.


All of the gear works except the Multi-disk changer. The changer will pick out the CD, play about 20 seconds then place it back in the rack. No sound.


1. Must the monitor be plugged into the Multi-disk changer for the unit to run properly?


2. As far as the sound goes, would the monitor need to be plugged into the changer to have the CD play normally with sound. The monitor allows the singer to see the words as the song plays.


Thanks in advance.


Jazzman :cool:

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