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OT-Conan vs. The Governator

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So my question is how could he let himself go so badly?





Even more curious, how did they make him look so good in the last teminator movie? Was the whole thing done in CGI when Arnold was not wearing a shirt, or anything else for that matter?

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First of all, you're comparing a picture of him when he was in his prime, enhanced with makeup and posing to a picture of him that I looks to be a candid, in motion shot. I've seen countless pictures of celebrities taken in their day to day lives that show them looking less than their normal, beautiful selves.


That said, a perfect example would be his co-star, Linda Hamilton. For Terminator 2 she bulked up a lot to reflect the changes her character was supposed to have gone through since the end of the first movie. Afterwords she let her body return to normal. I would guess Arnold worked out a lot to be in tip top shape for the movie, but hasn't had the time to keep that bulk up. And let's not forget he's getting pretty old.


I doubt the picture on the right is a good example of how he really looks. Photography can be extremely flattering when done well and extremely unflattering otherwise.


Why do you care, anyway?

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